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March 26, 2022


The first haunting thought when shifting to another country is always the same for everyone, ‘” What to eat around me?” Ideas like losing our favorite cuisines, the artistic touch, the perfect mix of spices, the street aromas, and food cooked by mammas are deeply missed by everyone.

But to cut down on your reservations, you will find it good to hear that Philadelphia is now home to numerous Pakistani restaurants that serve highly delicious food with the particular Pakistani aroma and vibes you would never want to miss out on.

Before you question yourself, ‘’what to eat around me?’’,We have gathered here a list of cuisines that are easily available and delectable in taste found in many Pakistani restaurants in Philadelphia. From halal foods to healthy and nutritious food, here is what you can’t miss:

Just Pakistani things

From street foods to 5-start dishes, Pakistani food has a taste of its own. With years of legacy and tradition that numerous chefs have followed, there is no doubt that the top foods are evergreen.

Many items found in Pakistani restaurants range from fried samosas to chicken rolls to chana chaat as healthy evening snacks. From being flavorful to protein-rich in every bite, these snacks will be on your list if you wish to have a delightful evening to yourself.

Eat Nihari

Tremendously famous, Nihari is nearly everyone’s favorite, even outside of Pakistan. Be it beef or chicken, the mouth-watering taste and aroma can make anyone go crazy over food. An abundance of restaurants run with Nihari as their specialty because it is thought that Nihari is not everyone’s game. So to attain a perfect taste with a seamless blend of spices, restaurants in Philadelphia follow the authentic recipes shared by their loved ones in Pakistan to offer a taste that remains matchless.

Slow-cooked boneless beef, with special-cut bones soaked in for an oily layer on the top, a deep taste perfected with spicy richness, you don’t wonder for wholesome spicy food anymore when you have Nihari in your town.

Barbeque food

I mean, who doesn’t fall for BBQ eat? Dry items, non-oily, lip-smacking taste, and best of all, found in Philadelphia now!

Moderate to spicy platters, protein-centric entrees, a flawless combination of appetizers to the main course, and perfect for a royal-feel, BBQ can add flavors to life that are hard to beat by any other food. From tikkas to botis to lamb chops and more, served with chutney, sauces, and parathas that are one a kind, I have never seen anybody say no to it, and I bet you can’t too!

Final Words

From people who say food is everything to them to people who are choosy in their food choices, Pakistan owns a rich culture of food and spices. With purity in richness in taste, nutrient-rich diets from Pakistan are readily available in Philadelphia and have made life easier for so many foodie souls. But what is even better today is the fact that this culture has now spared to unlimited cities and states outside of Pakistan which doesn’t only meet food cravings for Pakistani but non-Pakistani people are also falling for it today.

Have good food and enjoy life!

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